As the proprietor of a painting studio, I am surrounded by art, by creativity, by things that make the world more beautiful on a daily basis. It is a gift and a blessing. Someone once said that if you love the way you earn your income, you’ll never work a day in your life. I understand completely how that person felt. No one who has ever put brush to canvas, paper or even planting pot can doubt that the act of painting brings joy and pleasure; and you have a bit of something to commemorate that experience that can last you always.

A love of art starts early.  We are hard-wired for art, but in fact it is a right brain exercise. (Math and logical things happen in your left brain primarily.) Maybe that’s why, when academic institutions face budget cuts, the arts are the first to go. However, that’s not a good thing…studies of bright children and adults show that, when doing complex problem solving, BOTH sides of the brain are active! Schools need the arts, to help children to develop that right side as well as the Logical Left, so they can be better thinkers, planners, problem solvers and not just better artists, musicians and actors.


And, maybe people would just be happier. Wouldn’t that be nice? According to a study done in 2014 by Vanderbilt University, if people would actively participate in the arts, they would have a greater feeling of “subjective wellbeing” (scientific term for happiness? Contentedness? How about good juju.) Anyway, this better offness (there we go) can be related to different arts for different people. Well, that makes sense; just because I like to paint doesn’t mean you have to. Maybe quilting is your outlet, and your buddy’s is gardening. Say, your husband plays the guitar and your daughter sings. And, family get-togethers are amazing!

And you never run out of things to talk about. And you can all share your talents. Because one’s not better than the other, and art in a gift in all of its many forms. Wouldn’t that world be a great place to live in?

Well, that’s enough for today. Thanks for joining me, hope to see you again soon,